With more than 40 years of experience working with diverse organizations, our consultants offer expertise in a wide range of services and approaches to managing, protecting, and using historical materials.

Our knowledge of all types of archival records including digital and analog (paper-based) documentation, as well as various image media, and artifacts, allows us to help achieve successful intellectual and physical control, and management of collections.

We help you meet your goals and objectives through program development and project support.


Analyze existing practices

Recommend best practices for archival programs, preservation, long-term storage

Digitization and creation of metadata

Records/Archival surveys for organizations and institutions

Facility design expertise

Collection move planning

Archival/Historical research


Proposal development

Development of effective resources

Provide project support for exhibits and online access

Development of public programs to promote history and collections

Workflow management

Advise on project management

Fundraising and grant writing

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